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Favori Jeu de cartes nocturne Ville de Montréal Il y a moins de 12 heures Gentleman recherche un couple qui aime jouer aux cartes la nuit! Gentleman looking for a couple that liked to play night card games!

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Favori Ville de Montréal Rencontre homme latino y a moins de 13 heures J'aimerais avoir amitié avec une femme! Pour plus d'informations Favori Ville de Montréal Il y a moins de 15 heures Italian gentleman looking girl frends to Drink coffee together.

Texte me for the appointment. Je parlle français Favori Mature Anglo man seeking a friendship with rencontre homme latino Man Ville de Montréal Il y a moins de 17 heures Mature Anglo speaking man - no french - is seeking a friendship for various activities both indoor and outdoor with a similar minded man Favori Friendship in business.

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Ville de Montréal Il y a moins de 21 heures Hello. I am Denis 56 years old, French speaking, in perfect health.

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I am looking for an anglophone woman to share my life. I am energetic, I have a healthy weight, I like exercising, cycling, light sports, swimming, walking. I often read, since the long time I am interested in a lot of subject, I have vast knowledge of the life which surrounds us.

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I am very good with myself and the world around me. I deeply believe that love is the solution to all ills. I am looking for an English speaking

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